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    Saxon Blood

    Medieval wisdom was the pinnacle of mankind's achievements

    Periods of no solar flares called minimums, have been known to exist for centuries; the last (partial) minimum occured in the 1640's which caused a mini ice-age. However, besides cooler emperatures, science is mostly unaware of any other effects.

    In the future, the sun once again turns its back on the solar system, plunging it into the deepest minimum ever known, but not everyone is surprised by it. At least one corporation appears to have a ten-year head start, an advantage they bruttally exploit. As the world free-falls into another medeval period, humanity painfully re-learns that every superstition and tale of fantasy is the pinicle of truth and knowledge.

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    Fantasy beings have always been among us

    As the fabric of civilized society begins to tear away and be devoured by the Solar Minimum, those who were prepared for the catastrophe quickly gather up the crumbs nature left in the wake of the goal depopulation event. An obscure U.S. Senate committee struggles to keep stride with the all-powerful Toprak Esir Corporation, who has been preparing for the Minimum for decades, while coming to terms with their new medieval world in all its gory.

    An unlikely alliance forms between a handful of misfit, U.S. Senate refugees and the British Crown who alone must organize a resistance against impossible odds. As the modern world crumbles away, what was once myth, fantasy, and folklore make up the nightmare of everyday life in the modern-medieval world.

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    The Queen of Wales

    Tragiclly romanitc

    The King and his privy council's dream to redesign society based upon principles of peace rather than war, is interrupted by an invasion of hellhounds in the north and the return of the St. Vitus Dance plague in the south. Finding it impossible to govern a country without modern communications, the King reestablishes the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, placing those with the purest Saxon blood on the thrones of England as it once did before.

    No sooner was Veronica placed on the throne of Wales, when winds of civil war demand she be given the English Crown. As makeshift mobs form armies, draw lines and choose sides, the King painfully learns the necessity of ruling with an iron fist like so many of his terrible ancestors.

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    Blood Memory

    History, the most powerful weapon

    London has fallen and without Matthew and the Ravenguard, the Kingdom pieces together a tired and battle-worn resistance. In a dark church graveyard, Jess learns Horsa's true interest in Wales has a much darker purpose and centers around a medieval grave bearing only the haunting words, We are seven..

    Drunk on revenge, Horsa sets his war harbingers on the Archbishop of Canterbury and a battle between the two most powerful men in the world is staged; a Goliah vs Goliah finale. While Ted swings in a traitor's noose in Woodsome, Jess learns the secret of Horsa's power through the brutal gift of blood memory.



"I love the science behind it all! For fiction, it's very believable."

Stacy G.

"Well written, great story. Looking forward to the next installment."

Loren S.

"Gotta love that General Clancy, the kind of general we should have running the military!"

Robert R.

"Brilliant, intelligent fiction!"

Stan B.