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    What's Next?
    The natural laws of death, judement, and light.

    The older we grow, the long list life's questions diminish until only one remains, echoing in the darkness, what's next? Preparing for the afterlife is religion's paramount reason for existance, yet after thousands of years and as many religions, we are reasonably comforted but poorly prepared. World events of the last few years have been accompanied by a mass exit from religion, which is opposite of what usually occurs when life becomes uncertain. Rather than seeing this as a sign of moral decline (as many do), the renewed interest in Eastern thought, the occult, spiritism, etc. shows our desperate need for meaningful, real-world answers religion has failed to provide. In this pursuit, long hidden and forgotten texts are beginning to circulate the trim world as they once did in the recent and ancient past.

    This is one such manuscript, originally published in 1896, that no good Christian read since it was of the devil. The channeled work comes to us now, shinning light and revealing both the horrors and glories that come next. Originally channeled by A. Farnese, it is channeled again, providing more detail and richness in plain words. This is the true story of a man we only know as Franchezzo who earned a place in hellish realms and his suffering and toil in twilight worlds to at last emerge in a sphere of light; explaining his expereince in rich detail unequaled in spiritual texts. It is a story of the everlasting love of a woman and unequal man she adored, proving once and for all, love does conquer all, which is usually reduced to a footnote in modern religion.

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The author's writing is straightforward. He has expressed raw emotions.


The narration is smooth and easy I reflect on my own life and ponder a few things.


...the author has done a fantastic job in this book. I strongly recommend it to my fellow readers.