Unlike many authors, they didn't discover in grammar school that I had any particular gift for writing, nor did I harbor any secret desire to do so then –oh little Mrs. Mednick would be gobsmacked.

One doesn't generally recognize in youth (under 40), what truth is apart from what we have been taught to believe. In age, as the physical body's desires and needs quiet, the mind and imagination grows stronger along with intuition, and everything else the world has taught us to ignore, so that when these finer arts become more available, we have long since discarded them and even forgot we ever had such abilities.

It is only from the peak of perspective that one can understand wanderings in the underbrush of youth; able to see all the wrong turns, dead ends and years of lostness. The adult world of going to work in order to pay the bills for all the things that are supposed to bring happiness, is a very sad deception that is perpetually past on to children by deceived parents.

Before I became a recovering adult, I learned how to play according to the rules, earned several college degrees and went to work for a Fortune 100 company. After succeeding (so-called) at the executive level, I left corporate America to consult and accumulated an impressive client list but my favorite gig was always the start up.

As the staleness of adulthood waxed, the less rational and satisfying the world appeared. Consequently, I spent many years studying the esoteric, the occult (which means hidden and has nothing to do with the devil), spiritualism, theosophy and the rest, desperately searching for genuine truths like those in the life of Walt Whitman; truths that enabled one to see the miraculous in a single blade of grass. I found it both strange and unsettling that the grayness of life went unseen by a great many, still believing that buying the next thing on their list would finally make their life complete.

Nothing is perhaps more dangerous than stumbling upon isolated truths and then navigating your life by them. Early on, I fell into meditation and was quickly able to completely stop all thought, something that was supposed to take years (or a lifetime) to achieve. Due to some very bad advice on some website, I read to just persist and amazing things would happen once the mind was completely silenced; amazing yes, but amazingly terrible. Mediation like many practices are powerful but unless one is carefully taught (the wholeness of truth in the matter), meditation will more often lead you face-to-face with demons than angels.

After a multi-year stumble in confused darkness, I became convinced more than ever that if there could be a power so dark, there must be an equally powerful light. What mankind is slow to learn is that only evil thrusts itself upon you, the light does nothing, unless it is found and given permission. Madness has over taken many truth seekers and philosophers across time, which is why there were things like mystery schools anciently. Today sadly, they are more used as a means of control of the masses by the hands of a few. Not ever having been a member of such organizations, I am free to share the plentiful treasures of truth that are freely available, once one knows how to dig and discriminate.

I am sometimes asked, why I wrote a fiction series. I write about demonstrative and self-evident truth, that when wielded by the brave, prevails over darkness –forever. This is what I offer and this is why I write.

Thank you for your visit and interest in my work.